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How do I know when there are new wanteds?

Support / Replying to Wanteds / March 10, 2018

You've got to be quick

Wanteds get snapped up pretty quickly. So it's super important to reply as soon as a new wanted is posted. We find that the majority of winning candidates are selected from the first 15 replies.

The following tips will help:

  • Check back regularly
  • Join communities
  • Enable notifications
  • Check your email
  • Upgrade to Wantedz for Business

Check back regularly

Checking back daily, or even several times a day, will ensure you have the best chances at new opportunities. 

Join communities

Start joining the communities that you wish to follow. You will receive notifications of new wanteds when they are posted in a community you have joined.

Enable notifications

Make sure you have enabled browser or web notifications. After you have enabled notifications from Wantedz - you will receive instant notifications of new messages and new opportunities from the communities that you have joined.

Check your email

Check your email. We also send out emails of a selected few of the new wanteds from the communities you have joined, periodically. 

Wantedz For Business

Wantedz for business users get priority notification of new opportunities. We send all forms of notifications to the business users first. 

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